Killer Queen

“Killer Queen” 37” x 28” acrylics on canvas, for sale She is the Killer Queen, her beautiful soul was captured dancing and enjoining the moment with the melodies of one of the greatest… Queen!

Frozen Strokes

Winter Wonderland in Corunna, ON Get ready to chill and show off your skills at Frozen Strokes, a cool event where you can unleash your creativity and paint your way through Frozen Strokes Tickets, Sat, 13 Jan 2024 at 3:00 PM | Eventbrite

The Walk

“The Walk”   36″ x 24″ Acrylics on canvas (sold) The magic of fall and a tender moment captured by a stranger. Invoking memories of a sweet walk that transcended through the hands of the artist to create this realism art, reflecting the fleeting truth of autumn and romance.

Sol (G-Clef)

Sol (G-Clef) 16” x 24” Acrylics on canvas (sold) Sol is the Latin root of the G key, is also one of the references in the pentagram for high pitch instruments. This is the first representation of a series called SOLFA, which will be a seven piece collection with every note of the musical alphabet …

Bird Of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise 23” x 23” Acrylics on canvas An evergreen and a low maintenance that only needs a good care to flower several times in a year, the simplicity combined with love brings up the most beautiful colours making the Bird of Paradise proudly stand up among all the flowers in a garden.

A tropical storm

El Majahual

El Majahual 22″ x 30″ Acrylics on canvas. El Majahual is a very popular beach in El Salvador. It is in the middle of the “Surf City” where everything is about surfing, music, and seafood. Mother Nature likes to give us a hint of who is in charge in this blue planet. This is one …

painting of a Dancer

Bailarina (Dancer)

Bailarina (Dancer) 24” x 36” Acrylics on canvas She has the rhythm in her body, she dances the melodies of love with her beautiful golden dress moving along the music waves. She closes her eyes and flies where the Asian winds turn into her dreams.

Painting of guitar

La Guitarra

La Guitarra 11” x 13” acrylics on charcoal paper. After a few years of not drawing or painting, one Saturday nigh she showed up out of nothing after squeezing my leftover acrylics on the paper without a vision. She revealed herself bringing my inspiration back with higher desires to continue my lifestyle as an artist. …